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  • Adequate fresh water supply, tested for safe drinking;
  • Safe bathing, snorkeling and launching;
  • Abundance of seafood, readily available!;
  • Traditional Arab dhow sailing from the city of Inhambane to Maxixe takes place daily at a negotiated cost with the dhow owner.
  • Vibrant local markets with loads of curios and crafts!


The temperature range between day and night is not extreme. Summer can be hot whilst winter is very pleasant and a light jersey may be required in the evenings. The winter days are also a lot shorter. Maximum temperatures vary between 25 degrees C in winter to 35 degrees C in summer. Sea temperatures vary between 22 degrees C in winter and 30 degrees C in summer.

Malaria Prophylaxis is recommended in Mozambique. Consult your doctor for advice on which drug treatment program will best suit you and your family.